The School of Architecture is located in four buildings on the west side of campus - Battle Hall (BTL), Goldsmith Hall (GOL), Sutton Hall (SUT), and most of West Mall Building (WMB). There are 19 studios in Goldsmith and Sutton, totaling over 35,000 square feet. The School of Architecture has access to two large lecture halls; Jessen Auditorium (HRH 2.104) holds 300 students and Goldsmith auditorium holds 100 students. In addition, the School has six classrooms, four review rooms and a large exhibition space, the Mebane Gallery.

To make a room reservation request email
If your request is urgent, please go to SOA reception or call 512-471-1922.


To make an equipment reservation request, please go to or visit the Technology Lab Service Desk in the Sutton Hall basement. Instructions on how to use Usher are at

The following types of equipment are available for checkout from the Technology Lab service desk to all School of Architecture students, faculty, & staff. Note: This is not an exhaustive list. Please see the equipment reservation system for full inventory.

  • LCD Projectors
  • Digital Video Cameras
  • Windows Laptops

Check for equipment availability and make reservations with Usher.

General Policy: Checkouts are generally for periods of 24 hours or less. We encourage you to minimize your checkout times so that we can make the most of these shared resources. Checkouts for longer periods are at the discretion of the Technology Lab staff, based upon availabilty and the purpose of the extended checkout.


Late returns of equipment late can result in fines and/or loss of checkout privileges. Please contact the Service Desk at 512-471-1189 if you are unable to return equipment on time.

Links to view Room Calendars




BTL 101 Reading Room 20
GOL 2.110 Main Jury Room 30
GOL South Lobby Outside 2.110 40
GOL 2.105 Mebane Gallery 100
GOL North Lobby Off West Mall 30
GOL Courtyard and Loggia Courtyard & Loggia 100
GOL SW Patio    
GOL 3.100 3rd Floor Hallway 47
GOL 3.118 Review Room 20
GOL 3.120 Lecture Hall 98
GOL 4.100 Hallway  47
GOL 4.120 Review Room  25
HRH 2.104 Jessen Auditorium 300
SUT 2.110 Green Chair Room 16
SUT 2.112 Red Chair Room 44
SUT 2.114 Oak Chair Room 40
SUT 3.100 3rd Floor Hallway  
SUT 3.112 Blue Chair Room 14
SUT 4.100 4th Floor Hallway  
SUT 4.118 Review Room 25
WMB 1.110 Small Computer Classroom 45
WMB 1.114 Large Computer Classroom 65
WMB 3.108 East side of Materials Lab 20
WMB 3.116 South side of Materials Lab 14
WMB 4.118 4th Floor Classroom 25
WMB 5.102 Classroom 45
WMB 5.112 Classroom 43
WMB 5.114 Classroom 49