The School of Architecture has a Shopbot CNC Router with a 60" by 96" bed. The CNC Router is located in the Design Lab in Goldsmith Hall 1.108.

CNC Routing Hours

Can be found here


Each student must:

  1. Complete the Canvas course containing recordings of CNC software trainings. Go through CNC Router Page on Wiki thoroughly for
  1. If not done already, complete the Design Lab's safety training
  2. Schedule an in person on machine training through email the Lab staff (group training is welcomed)
  3. Once you are certified, the Lab staff will continue to be available to consult on CNC projects as you develop.


Once the semester subscription is paid the machine is available on a first come, first served basis.


Use of the machine requires a $50 per semester subscription (if you've enrolled in a design studio, you are automatically subscribed, unless you opted out).

CNC Router Bits

Borrow your free foam bit or purchase your other bit from the Technology Lab Service Desk in Sutton Hall.  Reminder: students will be charged for damaged or broken foam bits upon return. 


The Technology Desk offers 4'x4' sheets of 2" thick ($35) and 3" thick ($45) blue insulating foam.  Students must source and supply any other materials, taking care to only use those in the list below. When using the CNC, bring your files on a USB drive and copy them to the CNC computer's desktop. Your files must use the template discussed below.

Acceptable Materials

  • Foam - 4'x4' sheets of 2" and 3" thick foam are available for purchase in the Technology Lab.
  • Wood - Plywood is preferred to solid wood because of warping
  • Acrylic
  • Formaldahyde-Free MDF (limited to maximum 1" thickness)

Prohibited Materials

  • MDF (non-Formaldahyde-Free or any thicknesses greater than 1")
  • Metals
  • Before using any unlisted materials, please speak to an Technology Lab staff member.

Local material sources


  • Polyplastics, 10201 Metropolitan Dr. Austin, TX 78758, 512-339-9293
  • Austin Custom Foam, 1515 Dungan Lane, Austin, TX 78754, 512-834-3626