September, 1995

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by Kevin Alter and Elizabeth Danze

How do we value the built environment? Financial considerations aside, what criteria are used to determine if a building is good or bad, beautiful or ugly? Architects are...

  • Henrietta Chamberlain King: A Portrait in Propriety

    by Lisa Germany

    Henrietta Chamberlain King "was a model of propriety" wrote Texas writer William Broyles in a 1980 story on the King Ranch(1). His was not an original picture of a woman who...

  • What's Proper to Architecture

    by Catherine Ingraham

    The matter of the proper name, in its humble singularity, summarizes all the troubles one finds with the issue of the proper. First I should say, very generally and because...

  • Battle Lines: E. 1027

    by Beatriz Colomina

    The horizon is an interior. It defines an enclosure. In its familiar sense, it marks a limit to the space of what can be seen, which is to say it organizes visual space into an interior....

  • Homebodies on Vacation

    by Diller + Scofidio

    The traditional concept of heroic travel, with its attendant hardships, has seemingly been replaced by the tame and mediated experience of commercial tourism. However...

  • Figures Doors and Passages

    by Robin Evans

    The most familiar things are often shrouded in the deepest mystery. At first it is difficult to see in the conventional layout of a contemporary house anything but the crystallization of...

  • Alien Art

    by Krzysztof Wodiczko

    Millions traverse and transgress multitudes of frontiers and borders that are both internal and external, geo-political, ethical, spiritual and those that divide private and public...

  • Adam's Bed: 16 Varieties of (Im)propreity

    by James Coote

    In the State Bedroom at Osterley House, Robert Adam fashioned a palatial bed, its design inspired by an engraving of the Temple of the Sun at Baalbek and its details taken from...

  • Baker's Loos and Loos's Loss: Architecting the Body

    by Kim Tanzer

    In 1928 Adolf Loos designed a house in Paris--never built--for Josephine Baker. She was twenty-two. She had moved to New York from St. Louis in 1921 at the age of fifteen, and to Paris...

  • Resemblance and Desire

    by Ann Reynolds

    Vladimir Nabokov's character Hermann Karlovich thought he had executed both the perfect work of art and the perfect crime. It began when he stumbled upon the body of a man...

  • Wind + Eye: Adjusting Windows

    by David Leatherbarrow and Mohsen Mostafavi

    In contemporary architectural practice the appearance of buildings is largely the result of the arrangement and assembly of pre-made products. A decisive instance in the process...

  • Some thoughts on the problem of HOUSING at the Century City SHOPPING CENTER and Marketplace, LOS ANGELES 90067

    by George Wagner

    The act of shopping is understood to be such a ubiquitous pastime in America that in some quarters it is thought of as...

  • Morpheus Mépris: The Murphy Bed and Obscene Rest

    by Henry Urbach

    The Murphy bed conceals and exposes the space of sleep on a daily basis. Its multi-spring, counterbalance mechanism carries the hinged metal frame, mattress, and bedding from...

  • The PanTopicon and The Architecture of Noise

    by Marcos Novak

    Centrifug(u)e: the shift from the society of the centripetal panopticon to the society of the centrifugal pantopicon is already well underway. The panopticon expresses the...

  • Homes and Outcomes - Some Notes on Propriety of Houses

    by Elizabeth Danze

    In domestic architecture questions of propriety arise in three areas: in the architectural program, in the process of design, and in the resultant form of the architecture. The realm of...

  • Provisional Architecture

    by Kevin Alter

    Late Twentieth Century art can be characterized, in part, by the location of the subject matter of the artwork in the perception of the viewer. In this sense, the art object is not inherently...

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