July, 1992

Assistant Editor

D. Andrew Vernooy

Production Editor

Pamela Peters

Table of Contents 

  • Introduction

    The 1990s: A Decade of Demise in an Age of Despair?

    by Anthony Alofsin

  • SomePLACE--Architecture in Canada and the Canadian Centre for Architecture

    by Phyllis Lambert

  • New Centers on the Periphery

    by Robert Bruegmann and Tim Davis

  • In the Image of the Other: A Call for Rethinking National Identity

    by María Fernández

  • Mexican Architecture: A Survey of Past Influences in Present Design

    by Eduardo Langagne

  • The House of Tomorrow

    by Michael Mostoller

  • Crisis of Figuration in Contemporary Architecture

    by D. Andrew Vernooy

  • Style Wars in the Final Decade

    by Lawrence W. Speck

7th issue of CAAD's Center series