Bridging Academia and Practice in Participatory Action Research

El Cerro de la Campana is a dynamic, hillside community situated just south of the city center of Monterrey.

La Campana residents take pride in organizing and completing their own infrastructure projects, with the help of local organization Barrio Esperanza and donations. For their latest effort, the community and Barrio Esperanza have invited us to collaborate with them.

We are a team of eight master’s and PhD students in the University of Texas at Austin course Bridging Academia and Practice in Participatory Action Research. Headed by professor Dr. Patricia Wilson, our team will engage the La Campana community in March 2019 to develop urban plans and projects in accordance to their specific requests and those from Barrio Esperanza.

We have already spent one week in La Campana to familiarize ourselves with the neighborhood and with the work of Barrio Esperanza, the private sector, and the local government in the area. We also are collaborating with la Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León. This insight has informed our work throughout the semester, leading up to our trip in March.

Our goal is to hone our group’s interdisciplinary skill set, which ranges from architecture and urbanism to journalism and public policy, in order to create a participatory planning and learning process in which we and the community both benefit.