adopted 2012

The mission of the Landscape Architecture Program at The University of Texas at Austin School of Architecture is to create and share knowledge for advancing the profession of landscape architecture as a means to help individuals, communities, and societies meet their fundamental health, safety, and welfare needs and achieve their cultural aspirations.


Landscape is our object

  • Landscape is perceived through interrelationships between performance and appearance.

  • Landscape is understood through interrelationships between site and self.
  • Landscape is evolved through interrelationships between biophysical processes and sociocultural practices.

Design is our involvement

  • Design thinking combines analysis and composition to comprehend, critique, and respond to complex conditions.

  • Design decisions are a means of shaping space towards the ends of making place.

  • Design expressions become meaningful by being purposeful, responsible, and lasting.

Improving the public realm is our contribution

  • The designed public landscape provides ecosystem services and civic infrastructure.

  • The designed public landscape promotes personal well-being and social interaction.

  • The designed public landscape nurtures individual and collective identity.