Fall 2016

PRODUCTIONS focuses on exploring contemporary methods and manifestations of an emerging and evolving focus on effects as by-products and generators of experiences, spaces, forms , surfaces, and material conditions. To address these issues, the seminar is focused on the investigation and definition of PRODUCTIONS as both process and outcome, effect and affect, subject and object. Particularly projects, concepts, theories and practices associated with the Interior – exploring conditions found primarily within the context spatially oriented design and art installation practices- as both generated and existing sets of conditions and opportunities will be explored.  

Broadly, students will be asked to define and critically engage the contingent and generative relationships between ephemeral effects (light, projection, sound, space) and material conditions (form, surface, graphics, assembly). As part of this exploration, students will be tasked with readings, case-studies, technique-based explorations and a series of on-going discussions which lead to their own line of self-directed, inquiry into the topic of PRODUCTIONS. To accomplish this work, the semester will be divided into segments focused on exploring foundational theories of space and atmosphere, investigating seminal contemporary projects, developing advanced techniques and modes of engaging these concepts,  generating individual concepts for exploring these ideas, and speculating on how this work might impact spatial concepts and design practices moving forward.  

Finally, students will coalesce individual research into a final project, an ephemeral, effects-based installation for The Satellite Art Fair in Miami in December 2016. The Satellite Art Fair is "..the alternative to the traditional art fair, the downtown rockandroll sibling of the establishment upper eastside types of fairs. It gives the power back to the artist and art itself. It circles around the notion of questioning art itself and straying from any conservative notions."  http://satellite-show.com