Michelle Addington

Associate Dean for Research and Operations
Michael Oden

Associate Dean for Graduate Programs (interim)
Francisco Gomes

Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs
Juan Miro

Assistant Dean for Administration
Jeff Evelyn 

Director of Development and External Relations
Luke Dunlap

Director, Graduate Program in Community & Regional Planning
Michael Oden

Director, Professional Residency Program
Nichole Wiedemann 

Directors, Post-Professional Design
Coleman Coker, Wilfried Wang, Barbara Hoidn

Director, Graduate Program in Landscape Architecture
Jason Sowell

Director, Graduate Program in History-Theory
Christopher Long

Director, Ph.D. Program in Architectural History
Christopher Long

Director, Graduate Program in Urban Design
Dean Almy

Director, Graduate Program in Sustainable Design
Matt Fajkus

Director, Graduate Program in Interdisciplinary Studies
Michael Benedikt 

Director, Graduate Program in Historic Preservation
Michael Holleran

Director, Interior Design Program
Tamie Glass

Director, Center for Sustainable Development
Allan W. Shearer

Director, Center for American Architecture and Design
Michael Benedikt 

Director, Summer Academy
Kevin Alter

AXP (Formely IDP) Educator Coordinator
Francisco Gomes

Graduate Adviser for Architecture
Ulrich Dangel

Graduate Adviser for Community & Regional Planning
Bjorn Sletto

Graduate Adviser for Interior Design 
Igor Siddiqui

Graduate Adviser for Landscape Architecture 
Jason Sowell

Chair, Graduate Studies Committee in Architecture
Vince Snyder

Chair, Graduate Studies Committee in Community & Regional Planning
Michael Oden

Chair, Graduate Studies Committee in Landscape Architecture
Mirka Benes

Chair, Graduate Studies Committee in Interior Design
Igor Siddiqui

Minority Liaison Officer
Nichole Wiedemann 

Graduate Program Administrator
Robin Dusek

Undergraduate Academic Advising Coordinator
Katrina Kosted

Director, Career Services
Garrett Loontjer

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